Searching For Corporate Travel and Cost Administration Solution?

We have groundbreaking technology enables its user to control business travel expenses via mobile and web interface. TRAVELGRID has helped BIG Corporates in streamlining T&E spends with digitalization. As per Trend & past experiences , TRAVELGRID is currently the leading market player effectively improving cost efficiency by 40% for their clients. TRAVELGRID is flexible and modular, corporates can easily customize it to fit their organizational structures, hierarchical workflows, policies and spend requirements.

Since the time Channel Mentor introduced TravelGrid, Corporate Travel management has never been the same again. It has impacted every corner of the customer companies starting with Projects, Finance, HR, Travel Desk, Forex desk, Visa & Travel Insurance desk, Car and Accomodation Desk besides becoming the default tool for every employee for planning and processing travel.

TravelGrid takes the centerstage not only for Travel, but also Employee General expense, Outstation emergency handling, Carbon footprint of travel, Accomodation inventory, Attendance while on tour and so on. Software and project management companies are using TravelGrid to plug their revenue leakage towards travel that could be billable. TravelGrid with its seamless integration to leading ERP systems like SAP and Oracle, has completely automated account posting entries of costs after approval.